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  It used to be a barren beach, where you could even happen to dig up a rusted arrow-head buried as early as the New Stone Age. However, if you move your sight a bit higher away from the sands, there is the wide blue sea.

From the sea, and the never ending waves splashing against the beach, we hear the echo of modern civilization.

Going back to that time when opening up, WTO entry and economic globalization were already an integral part of our lives, we felt the desire of people on this planet to overcome the obstacles in time and space for closer communication and exchange, and it was our sincere wish to do something for both others and ourselves to make all these come true.

And then, we started cultivation of this virgin land. The water was filled and beach leveled, just to build up the physical platform for communication and exchange.

And then, watching and mastering the situation, we initiated our pioneering efforts in the frontier of reform and opening up, to perfect the software needed for better communication and exchange.

The history is the witness to thousands of days and nights of hard work on this land.

And finally we made it, with countless record-breaking events. We are now enjoying a platform enabling communication and exchange between people from all over the world, including ourselves. Meanwhile, we are still striving to make this platform a wider and better one so as to facilitate smoother talks between people using it.

Xiangyu is our name, a symbol of excellence and outstanding.
And now, welcome to Xiangyu Group.

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